Here are some of the tools we found most helpful along our impact journey

Arabesque combines a proprietary AI-driven alpha assessment and market-leading ESG data to deliver clients with portfolios that are customised, impactful, and affordable.

BCorp Certification enables companies to measure, manage, and improve their impact by answering a series of questions about business practices and outputs.

Climate Impact Partners developes and delivers carbon financed projects, from which they create carbon credit and energy attribute certificate portfolios.

Glass Lewis provides governance solution services such as: Viewpoint, Proxy Paper, Share Recall, Right Claim.

GRI, Global Reporting Initiative, helps organizations understand their impacts on the economy, environment, and society, increasing accountability and enhancing transparency on the contribution to sustainable development.​​

IMP offers a collaborative platform between the leading providers of sustainability standards and guidance that are coordinating efforts to mainstream the practice of impact management.

Impact-Weighted Accounts Project starts new financial statemente line items to be added to supplement the statement of financial health by reflecting a company’s impacts on employees, customers, environment and broader society.

IRIS+ gives access to integrate social and environmental factors into investment decisions alongside risk and return.

LGA combines bespoke advice and education to support family enterprise continuity across generations.

Proxy Impact provides environmental, social and sustainable governance shareholders' engagement and proxy voting services, promoting sustainable and responsible business practices.

Total Portfolio Project is an open-source methodology for assessing impact returns.

…find which best serves your journey!